It’s NICE to Belong

Once you’ve joined, you’ll wonder how you made it as long as you did without NICE membership advantages.

Through networking, expert consultation, extraordinary product buying power, continual learning opportunities, special events and strong supplier relationships, NICE makes it easy for independent contractors to compete – and succeed – in their region.

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It Pays to Be NICE

NICE membership benefits are plentiful and profitable:

  • Best practice sharing
  • Access to a wide array of professional advisors
  • Extensive partner network & supplier advantages
  • Cutting-edge training & educational sessions
  • Member-only values & events
  • Financial benchmarking
  • Alliance with other family-owned, independent businesses
  • Complete transparency of NICE operations and financials
  • Access to @QuotePlus Management Software

It’s NICE to Know the Right People

Another significant benefit is our team of professional advisors. This is a hand-selected group of top-notch professional advisors working to help our members continually grow their businesses. Click the links below to learn more about each professional field.

Meet Our Resource Team

We Have Very NICE Partners

Our members have strong relationships with NICE supplier partners, including the following companies:

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