Spray Foam Academy

We want all NICE Members in the spray foam business to be considered the best spray foam companies in North America. To do this, we bring these independent insulation contractors and suppliers together to discuss the latest advancements and best practices in the spray foam field. Each year the group comes together to network and learn insights at the Spray Foam Academy.

Spray Foam Academy Mission:

To work with Suppliers and NICE Members to create the strongest and most competitive spray foam companies in North America.

Spray Foam Academy Vision

  • Using the best equipment
  • Being “elite” spray installers
  • Best training and education
  • Best practice sharing
  • Sustained high profit margins
  • Increased competitiveness versus consolidated contractors.
  • Improved health and safety
  • Significantly reduced risk and liability
  • Suppliers will benefit from our efforts through trustful technical knowledge shared by our members. They will be able to increase their efficiencies and mitigate their own risks and liabilities as well. 
  • Bridging the working relationship between chemical manufacturers, distributors and sprayers.

We encourage NICE Members in the spray foam business to take advantage of this unique opportunity to ensure you are among the best of the best. Contact us to learn more.